What we do

Execute an audience driven marketing strategies and optimizes your digital campaigns across a portfolio of direct publishers

About us

Adz28 is a Marketing Agency specializing in performance marketing,
our team of veteran marketers help you plan, prepare and execute your campaigns on our portfolio of direct publishers, to reach the optimal results and ROI.


Premium Media Buying


We know you go to great lengths to ensure your brand is consistently represented in all media. Adz28 works with direct publishers to ensure your brand is in the right environment, all the time. 

Multiple Ad types


Our platform supports rich set of ad-types: Inline , Native , Lightbox, Sticky and direct inject. Check our Features page for more information

Winning Team


Our team comprises of Media buyers, analysts and Ad operations Managers with years of experience in the digital marketing field. Our focus is to innovate new solutions for mobile marketing across all our product verticals